Do you want to invest in mutual funds in India ?
Do you want to know to choose best mutual fund ?
Learn everything about Mutual funds in India in this book which will be your mutual fund investment guide.
Asset size of Mutual fund has grown from 6.73 trillion Rupees in 2011 to 34.10 Trillion rupees in July 2021. It is about 5 fold increase in the span of 10 years. Participation level of Indians in Mutual fund is poor compared to any developed or developing nations. Reduced interest rates are forcing many of you to consider Mutual funds along with Mutual fund Sahi hai advertisements by AMFI.
Investing in mutual funds for beginners is covered in this book. Book will give you 3 step framework to Plan, Act & Achieve your financial Goals with mutual fund investments.
Once you have the PLAN – know everything which is needed to plan, you need to ACT – Take the next step of investing based on these details & then only Financial Freedom becomes possible for you with right moves and consistent investing. Mutual fund is one of the best investment tool to achieve all your financial goals.
Chapters of the Book:
Section: Plan
Chapter 1: Do I know the Mutual fund Basics – SIP/Lumpsum?
Chapter 2: Do I want to Invest in Mutual fund?
Chapter 3: What are my Financial Goals to Invest?
Section: Act
Chapter 4: Different Types of Mutual fund
Chapter 5: How much to invest ?
Chapter 6: How to track my Mutual funds?
Section: Your Freedom
Chapter 7: When to Enter & Exit ?
Chapter 8: Risks, Returns & Comparisons
Chapter 9: Is Financial Freedom Possible ?
10) Summary of One Page Mutual fund plan
Bonus Chapter – NRI Investments in Mutual funds in India
Benefits of this book – 1 page stock market plan :
1) You don’t need to sit in front of TV/website analysing stock,
2) You don’t need to think stock market as naive,
3) You don’t need to think stock market is only for Traders,
99% of the people who are beginners in the stock market want to learn “Trading” and make money regularly, thinking of it as a passive income generating opportunity. Anything in life needs time to master it and then with little time it is easier to make money in that domain. People who entered or learnt or known about the stock market are not even 5% of the entire India. Most of these people forgot about stock market “Investing” concept which you can implement easily with some great learning.Also this if for you, if you are stock market beginner or if you are someone who wants to achieve financial freedom in Life.Understanding this 2 sides can help YOU to enter Indian stock market. This book will help to simplify stock market for “YOU’ and have a “One page stock market plan” to execute in stock market.Check BONUS section for the FREE Template & much more,
By the end of this book, you will be able to have a simple plan to execute and you will be able to achieve financial freedom in life which means, “You will be able to invest in stock market without depending on anyone”
Are you Ready ?
Book contains step by step chapter to find stocks for value investing :
Section 1 – Before Investing
Chapter 1 – Why do you want to invest in stock market ?
Chapter 2 – What can stock market do to your portfolio ?
Chapter 3 – How long you want to stay invested in stocks ?
Section 2 – During Investing
Chapter 4 – Macro Analysis – Economy & Sector
Chapter 5 – Micro Analysis – Stocks with H-A-B-IT Framework
Chapter 6 – Finding Multi baggers & what are they
Section 3 – After Investing
Chapter 7 – What is happening Right now in Stock market
Chapter 8 – Different strategies to implement in stock for more creating Wealth
Chapter 9 – Biases & Mistakes to avoid in stock market for achieving success

Ganesan Thiru is Author of Money leaks released by Jack Canfield 

Learn “How to Grow Your Money” from the one who was able to achieve his dream of starting his own business & travelling frequently in the last 3+ years.

What you will learn & get from this course,

  • An actionable workbook to derive a plan to implement immediately 
  • How to increase money flow in your life 
  • Step by step process to achieve financial freedom in life
  • Overcoming self-doubts in achieving financial goals in life 
  • How to choose your investment products 
  • How to protect yourself & your family from adverse situations
  • Retirement planning & tax planning for peaceful life now and future
  • How to use Google tools to effectively save more 
  • How to use Google tools to invest for each goals

Contents of Grow your Money (DIY Financial Planning) 

Chapter 1 – How to give & receive Happy Money 

Chapter 2 – Basics of Financial Planning 

Chapter 3 – Different Money leaks & how to arrest them

Chapter 4 – Different types of Assets 

Chapter 5 – Risk Assessment 

Chapter 6 – Different kind of investments 

Chapter 7 – Needed Insurance for life 

Chapter 8 – Debt consolidation & Reduction 

Chapter 9 – Tax Planning & Different strategies for Financial Freedom 

Chapter 10 – Review System 

Author of 1 Page Stock market Plan 

Trained more than 10,000+ people in Stock Market 

Investor for the last 10+ years 

I strongly believe in Investing rather than trading to see profit.


What you will learn & get from this course,

How to make money in stock market consistently 

How to analyse stocks using qualitative and Quantitative methods 

One technique to make money in any market condition – Contrarian Investing 

How to analyse stocks using “Stock Market Master” Excel tracker 

Free tools for lifetime which will help you to invest in stock market 

Important ratios to refer in moneycontrol, screener website before investing in stock market


Content of this course 

Chapter 1 – Basics of Stock Market 

Chapter 2 – Stock Market Investment Blueprint – How to utilise stock market and achieve goals

Chapter 3 – Fundamental Analysis – 7 Important points to analyse in a company

Chapter 4 – Stock Market Key Ratios – How to analyse sectors and what numbers you should enter

Chapter 5 – 10 Key Mistakes to avoid Losses in Stock Market

Chapter 6 – Contrarian Investing – How to make 15-30% returns in any market condition

Chapter 7 –  Top 5 % – All Masterclass Videos will be added in this section

Chapter 8 – Free Lifetime Tools – 5 step framework for screening stocks, Sector framework to choose stocks, 5 LIVE master classes in this month, 2 stocks in 6 sectors based on Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis, “Stock Market Master” tracker to do analysis, Important Key Analysis to refer in 10 sectors, List of cyclical & Non Cyclical sectors


Investing in Mutual funds for beginners is a e-learning course from Ganesan Thiru.

What you will learn from this course,

3 step process to Plan, Act & Achieve in Mutual funds 

How to overcome the myths in mutual funds

What are the Different types of mutual funds and how you can use them  

How to Invest in mutual funds based on your financial goals 

How to track your invested funds and when to change your funds 

Different strategies which you can implement to achieve financial freedom with Mutual funds

How to find best mutual funds to invest


About the Author:

13 years of experience in Mutual fund investing 

Registered AMFI distributor for the last 7+ years 

300+ Happy clients 

Author of 1 Page Mutual Fund Plan


Content of this course 

Chapter 1 – Basics of Mutual Fund 

Chapter 2 – Why do you need Mutual funds

Chapter 3 – Steps to invest in Mutual fund & linking with Financial Goals

Chapter 4 – Different types of Mutual funds

Chapter 5 – How to choose mutual funds based on goals

Chapter 6 – Tracking my Mutual funds

Chapter 7 – When to enter and exit mutual funds

Chapter 8 – Risks, Returns & Strategies with Mutual funds 

Chapter 9 – Financial Freedom with Mutual Funds 

Bonus – NRI Investing in Mutual funds 

Mutual Funds analysis and comparison.


In this book, “Money Leaks,” Ganesan shares with you five secrets for entrepreneurs to fix and take charge of their money leaks and attain financial freedom irrespective of their income.
Using this knowledge, you can plan your future financial goals with ease. You don’t need to worry about the lack of money in your life. You don’t need to be anxious about difficult situations in life. You can achieve everything in life that has been stopped by lack of money.
This book includes a step-by-step guide for everyone to follow and attain financial freedom. First, you need to understand your expenses and start saving, then insure yourself, invest wisely, and take loans only when needed. Then living the lifestyle you have dreamed of becomes easy.
What you’ll learn inside the book :
How wealth creation happens only in the long term.
How money management in the short term can bring peace and helps in achieving your desired wealth.
How money management can systemize the way of living.
Improves your lifestyle in a sustainable way is an easy step-by-step process.
How you can address the actual risk in investment.
Why you should think before buying home on loan.
How to select the right investment.
Why Insurance is really needed.
Chapters of the Book – Money Leaks
Expenses and Savings
Chapter 1: Life as it is
Chapter 2: Accepting your today
Chapter 3: Take your first step
Chapter 4: Securing your life
Chapter 5: Tomorrow’s essential
Chapter 6: Various ways
Chapter 7: How to choose
Chapter 8: Outstanding life
Chapter 9: Life with style
Chapter 10: Your money matters