Investing in Mutual funds for beginners is a e-learning course from Ganesan Thiru.

What you will learn from this course,

3 step process to Plan, Act & Achieve in Mutual funds 

How to overcome the myths in mutual funds

What are the Different types of mutual funds and how you can use them  

How to Invest in mutual funds based on your financial goals 

How to track your invested funds and when to change your funds 

Different strategies which you can implement to achieve financial freedom with Mutual funds

How to find best mutual funds to invest


About the Author:

13 years of experience in Mutual fund investing 

Registered AMFI distributor for the last 7+ years 

300+ Happy clients 

Author of 1 Page Mutual Fund Plan


Content of this course 

Chapter 1 – Basics of Mutual Fund 

Chapter 2 – Why do you need Mutual funds

Chapter 3 – Steps to invest in Mutual fund & linking with Financial Goals

Chapter 4 – Different types of Mutual funds

Chapter 5 – How to choose mutual funds based on goals

Chapter 6 – Tracking my Mutual funds

Chapter 7 – When to enter and exit mutual funds

Chapter 8 – Risks, Returns & Strategies with Mutual funds 

Chapter 9 – Financial Freedom with Mutual Funds 

Bonus – NRI Investing in Mutual funds 

Mutual Funds analysis and comparison.