Author of 1 Page Stock market Plan 

Trained more than 10,000+ people in Stock Market 

Investor for the last 10+ years 

I strongly believe in Investing rather than trading to see profit.


What you will learn & get from this course,

How to make money in stock market consistently 

How to analyse stocks using qualitative and Quantitative methods 

One technique to make money in any market condition – Contrarian Investing 

How to analyse stocks using “Stock Market Master” Excel tracker 

Free tools for lifetime which will help you to invest in stock market 

Important ratios to refer in moneycontrol, screener website before investing in stock market


Content of this course 

Chapter 1 – Basics of Stock Market 

Chapter 2 – Stock Market Investment Blueprint – How to utilise stock market and achieve goals

Chapter 3 – Fundamental Analysis – 7 Important points to analyse in a company

Chapter 4 – Stock Market Key Ratios – How to analyse sectors and what numbers you should enter

Chapter 5 – 10 Key Mistakes to avoid Losses in Stock Market

Chapter 6 – Contrarian Investing – How to make 15-30% returns in any market condition

Chapter 7 –  Top 5 % – All Masterclass Videos will be added in this section

Chapter 8 – Free Lifetime Tools – 5 step framework for screening stocks, Sector framework to choose stocks, 5 LIVE master classes in this month, 2 stocks in 6 sectors based on Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis, “Stock Market Master” tracker to do analysis, Important Key Analysis to refer in 10 sectors, List of cyclical & Non Cyclical sectors