Benefits of this book – 1 page stock market plan :
1) You don’t need to sit in front of TV/website analysing stock,
2) You don’t need to think stock market as naive,
3) You don’t need to think stock market is only for Traders,
99% of the people who are beginners in the stock market want to learn “Trading” and make money regularly, thinking of it as a passive income generating opportunity. Anything in life needs time to master it and then with little time it is easier to make money in that domain. People who entered or learnt or known about the stock market are not even 5% of the entire India. Most of these people forgot about stock market “Investing” concept which you can implement easily with some great learning.Also this if for you, if you are stock market beginner or if you are someone who wants to achieve financial freedom in Life.Understanding this 2 sides can help YOU to enter Indian stock market. This book will help to simplify stock market for “YOU’ and have a “One page stock market plan” to execute in stock market.Check BONUS section for the FREE Template & much more,
By the end of this book, you will be able to have a simple plan to execute and you will be able to achieve financial freedom in life which means, “You will be able to invest in stock market without depending on anyone”
Are you Ready ?
Book contains step by step chapter to find stocks for value investing :
Section 1 – Before Investing
Chapter 1 – Why do you want to invest in stock market ?
Chapter 2 – What can stock market do to your portfolio ?
Chapter 3 – How long you want to stay invested in stocks ?
Section 2 – During Investing
Chapter 4 – Macro Analysis – Economy & Sector
Chapter 5 – Micro Analysis – Stocks with H-A-B-IT Framework
Chapter 6 – Finding Multi baggers & what are they
Section 3 – After Investing
Chapter 7 – What is happening Right now in Stock market
Chapter 8 – Different strategies to implement in stock for more creating Wealth
Chapter 9 – Biases & Mistakes to avoid in stock market for achieving success