Ganesan Thiru is Author of Money leaks released by Jack Canfield 

Learn “How to Grow Your Money” from the one who was able to achieve his dream of starting his own business & travelling frequently in the last 3+ years.

What you will learn & get from this course,

  • An actionable workbook to derive a plan to implement immediately 
  • How to increase money flow in your life 
  • Step by step process to achieve financial freedom in life
  • Overcoming self-doubts in achieving financial goals in life 
  • How to choose your investment products 
  • How to protect yourself & your family from adverse situations
  • Retirement planning & tax planning for peaceful life now and future
  • How to use Google tools to effectively save more 
  • How to use Google tools to invest for each goals

Contents of Grow your Money (DIY Financial Planning) 

Chapter 1 – How to give & receive Happy Money 

Chapter 2 – Basics of Financial Planning 

Chapter 3 – Different Money leaks & how to arrest them

Chapter 4 – Different types of Assets 

Chapter 5 – Risk Assessment 

Chapter 6 – Different kind of investments 

Chapter 7 – Needed Insurance for life 

Chapter 8 – Debt consolidation & Reduction 

Chapter 9 – Tax Planning & Different strategies for Financial Freedom 

Chapter 10 – Review System