Do you want to invest in mutual funds in India ?
Do you want to know to choose best mutual fund ?
Learn everything about Mutual funds in India in this book which will be your mutual fund investment guide.
Asset size of Mutual fund has grown from 6.73 trillion Rupees in 2011 to 34.10 Trillion rupees in July 2021. It is about 5 fold increase in the span of 10 years. Participation level of Indians in Mutual fund is poor compared to any developed or developing nations. Reduced interest rates are forcing many of you to consider Mutual funds along with Mutual fund Sahi hai advertisements by AMFI.
Investing in mutual funds for beginners is covered in this book. Book will give you 3 step framework to Plan, Act & Achieve your financial Goals with mutual fund investments.
Once you have the PLAN – know everything which is needed to plan, you need to ACT – Take the next step of investing based on these details & then only Financial Freedom becomes possible for you with right moves and consistent investing. Mutual fund is one of the best investment tool to achieve all your financial goals.
Chapters of the Book:
Section: Plan
Chapter 1: Do I know the Mutual fund Basics – SIP/Lumpsum?
Chapter 2: Do I want to Invest in Mutual fund?
Chapter 3: What are my Financial Goals to Invest?
Section: Act
Chapter 4: Different Types of Mutual fund
Chapter 5: How much to invest ?
Chapter 6: How to track my Mutual funds?
Section: Your Freedom
Chapter 7: When to Enter & Exit ?
Chapter 8: Risks, Returns & Comparisons
Chapter 9: Is Financial Freedom Possible ?
10) Summary of One Page Mutual fund plan
Bonus Chapter – NRI Investments in Mutual funds in India