Investing in Mutual funds for beginners

Course on "Investing in Mutual Funds" in Indian Markets is by Ganesan Thiru. He has 13 years of experience in Mutual funds investing.

Registered AMFI distributor for the last 7+ years

Handles 300+ Happy clients

Author of 1 Page Mutual Fund Plan.

You will learn everything about mutual fund investments selecting funds for right goals, planning, taking actions and achieving results.

Modules of Investing in Mutual funds course

Introduction about the course, how to read the modules.

Basics of Mutual funds - what makes a mutual fund, different types of funds, etc.

Planning Mutual Fund Investments Invest step by step in a structured manner knowing all fund type pros and cons.

Acting on your plan - Selecting the right mutual fund

Achieving your goals - Achieve financial freedom knowing what to measure, when to enter, exit and measuring risks in each investment.

Mutual Funds Analysis - In depth analysis and comparison of various funds.

Module 1 Introduction to Course
Unit 1 Mutual fund Course Introduction  - Preview
Unit 2 Mindnode Intro  - Preview
Module 2 Learning Basics of Mutual Funds
Unit 1 Basics of Mutual Funds
Unit 2 Basics of Investing in Mutual Funds
Unit 3 NAV Examples & Comparisons
Unit 4 How long should I continue SIP?
Unit 5 Myths in Mutual funds
Module 3 Planning your Mutual Fund Investments
Unit 1 How to achieve financial goals?
Unit 2 Steps to invest in Mutual funds
Unit 3 Different Types of Mutual funds
Unit 4 Ways to Invest in Mutual funds
Unit 5 Benefits of Buying Gold/Digital Gold/MF
Unit 6 Different types of Hybrid Mutual funds
Unit 7 What is Index funds, ETF & Fund of Funds
Unit 8 Different types of Equity Mutual funds
Unit 9 Solution-Oriented Funds
Module 4 Acting on your Plan - Selecting the right mutual fund
Unit 1 How to choose a Mutual fund?
Unit 2 How to invest?
Unit 3 Investing based on Age
Unit 4 How to invest for each of your goals
Unit 5 Investing based on Financial Goals
Unit 6 How to track your mutual funds ?
Module 5 Achieving your Goals - Financial Freedom
Unit 1 Introduction on When to Enter and Exit Mutual funds ?
Unit 2 Which Fund is Best ?
Unit 3 Stocks Vs Mutual funds
Unit 4 ULIP Vs Mutual fund
Unit 5 Taxation, Entering, and Exit Mutual funds?
Unit 6 Risks & Returns Measurement
Unit 7 How to choose best mutual fund
Unit 8 Is Financial Freedom is possible ?
Unit 9 Mutual Fund House Structure
Unit 10 Rules for Life
Unit 11 NRI KYC
Unit 12 NRI Accounts - NRO VS NRE
Unit 13 NRI KYC Scenarios
Unit 14 NRI Investing
Module 6 Mutual Funds Analysis - Indepth analysis and comparison of various funds.
Unit 1 Benefits of SIP Returns - Axis LT Equity
Unit 2 Fund Analysis - HDFC Flexi Cap
Unit 3 Fund Analysis - Nippon India Growth Fund
Unit 4 Fund Analysis - Franklin India Prima Fund
Unit 5 Fund Analysis - ICICI Pru Multi Cap Fund (Dividend & Growth)
Unit 6 SWP Fund Analysis - SBI Small Cap Fund
Unit 7 Step Up SIP - HDFC Flexi Cap Fund
Unit 8 SIP Calculator
Unit 9 Market Timing - Axis Small Cap Fund
Unit 10 Market Timing - Nippon India Pharma Fund
Unit 11 Technology Fund Performance (ICICI)
Unit 12 Gold Fund Performance
Unit 13 When to exit Value Discovery Fund
Unit 14 Debt Funds vs Fixed Deposits
Unit 15 ELSS vs PPF
Unit 16 SWP vs Dividend Funds Comparison
Module 7 Resources
Unit 1 1 Page Mutual Fund Plan - Download Template
Unit 2 Investing based on Goals - Download Template
Unit 3 21 Different Goal Sheet - Download Template
Unit 4 Join my Private Facebook group
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