Is Sydney Vacation one of your financial goal ?

This was one of my financial goal. Who doesn’t like new year celebrations and the grand celebrations in Sydney Harbour bridge every year?

So let me reframe my question, would you like to visit Sydney this year?

From Melbourne, we reached Sydney by flight considering the time it takes to travel by car or train. If you are visiting Sydney it is best to reach directly. Amazed to know that there are 180 nationals living in this great city. More than natives we could see people from China and of course India.

We just had two and a half days to explore Sydney. One good thing which happened is our friends in Melbourne asked us to visit Sydney harbour bridge as the first choice. The reason is we can get iVenture card with which we can visit all the places at discounted rates. We reached on Tuesday evening and checked into our AirBnB place.

Wednesday morning we reached the harbour and collected our cards. Now it is choice of plenty and booked a card which will allow us to visit only 5 places. 

3 things to do for best experience in Sydney Vacation

As this is one of your financial goal, my strong recommendation will be to plan the below 3 things before reaching Sydney,

Local Travel card

Get the local travel card similar to mike which existed in Melbourne. Our AirBnB hosts were super enough to provide us cards with some denomination loaded in it. This card can be used to travel by local Bus, Ferries, Metro trains.  We couldn’t see trams but with remaining transport systems, all locations are well connected. 

Best thing is we traveled by all these means of transport. The local ferry was an awesome experience with chill air and beautiful city shore on other side. Metro train also helps in getting into other part of the city easily. Then we can use a bus for traveling to nearby places.

Places to visit ;

As you have an iVenture card, you can plan the places you want to visit. We were able to visit only 4 places and it is all worth the visit. You need to have a week to spend in Sydney to have a great experience. The must-see places are Sydney harbour bridge, Opera house and Sydney tower ( We visited only these places ). 

Till the time we visited I just liked the design of opera house and didn’t know much about it. The way the tour guide explained I just fell in love with it and am sure you too will. The Marvelous design and the effort it took to built such a place for Artists, musicians are extraordinary. 

Jorn Utzon was the architect and he took almost 3 years to design the building and it took almost 13 years to complete the building. Each and every part has been carefully built to be in sync with nature. Another iconic thing is till now is no other building in the world could replicate this design

.Sydney Opera House

Another recommendation of mine would be to do jet speed boat ride. This is available on the pathway to opera house.

Boating in Sydney

Remaining places you can choose based on your choices from the lists available. Another interesting aspect of Sydney is that all the places are very older and they preserve it with utmost care.

So before landing up in Sydney, decide which places you want to visit and it won’t disappoint you for sure.


I regret that we just had just close to 3 days only in Sydney. More the time you stay, the more you fall in love with it. Initially we just wanted to visit sydney and while leaving both of us had the thought of being there for few more days. 

I wont call it as regret, one pending thing to do is walking on Sydney harbour bridge. We planned it on the last day and both were literally drained to be fit for that activity.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Now i have reason to visit Sydney next time. September is the ideal month recommended for us though we visited in August. You can ideally spend 7 days to 10 days to enjoy the city and explore.

A view of Sydney Harbour Bridge from Sydney Opera House

Cost will be the primary reason for many to postpone their travel abroad. We wanted to visit Australia for a training program and we planned along with it. A tip to plan your travel abroad. 

Then we made sure to minimise the cost in every way possible. We booked the tickets through Air Asia and stay in AirBnB and both these brought down the travel cost drastically.

For local travels and food in a day, you can make it out within 50-80$. If you have money you can spend even more and Our travel costs was just 1.4Lakhs or little under 2900AUD for 8 days trip.

Ice Cream which i can never forget ;

Before leaving to airport we went to a mall in which Sydney tower eye is situated. Our eyes got glued to this Magnum ice cream shop where they crafted ice cream  which i have never seen before. We had lunch but still we roamed and made sure we had this amazing ice cream.

Sydney Cuisine

The board at the ice cream parlour read, “A day without pleasure is a day lost”. Now i can say that “A year without a vacation is a year lost”.

Vacation can be one of the financial goal and it can be achieved easily with correct investments.

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