Do you want to go on a vacation without planning ?

Do you want to enjoy your vacation ?

Everyone desires to go on a vacation. Earlier vacation was all about travelling to native home town or village. 

Now it is all about visiting a new place with family or friends. Every nation and states promotes tourism. Benefits of vacation is you can relax and enjoy with your family, as well as understand the place in a much better level. All through the year you work hard for money or with passion and this one vacation can be the motivating factor to work hard for the next year.

I have kids near my home and during summer holidays they are planning to visit a location with their family. Earlier it was all about visiting grandma house during summer holidays. Things have changed, even though you don’t have time to visit, you need to plan for your kids and family members.

How to go without planning ?

You can go without planning, only when you have the desire to visit the place. Make the list of places you want to visit immediately. 

If you are not interested in going for a vacation, you will ignore all the opportunities which comes your way. One of my client wanted to go on a vacation with his family. His wife was not interested as she was thinking about debt and other stuffs. It is normal for a human being to get stopped by reasons. We both were part of training program. We got an opportunity to attend in Australia. It was a choice and both wanted to go on a vacation for a long time. This time we wanted to use this opportunity. 

One ultimate reason to stop you is money and that was not our concern. The major hurdle was getting the visa for attending training. We got that in 2 weeks. Generally for Australian visa, the time taken for visa processing is 25 to 30 days.

So we were left with ticket booking and looking after stay.

How to book air ticket and stay in Australia?

We just approached a travels with our visa and they helped us in booking a cheaper flight. Our agenda is to attend training and enjoy the trip. So we went with Airasia flight which made air tickets affordable and at much cheaper rates.

Everybody frightens by looking at the cost of air tickets. We were able to get it in much easier and cheaper way.

So the first part of booking air ticket got over and we relaxed a bit. All credit goes to AirBnB. They made the stay even more affordable with super host. AirBnB is the travel stay aggregator. In your home, if you think you have an extra room which you can rent it out, then this is the place you need to register. You can an extra income by this way as well.

So finally just before 2 days of our travel, we booked a stay in suburbs of Melbourne. One good thing about AirBnB is that, they will notify when the super host confirms our stay. We got the confirmation when we got down in Malaysia which was our first stop on the route to Australia. 

Much relieved and excited to stay in an Australian home. The cost of air tickets and stay for both of us put together was just 1.25 lakhs or 2500AUD.

What next ?

All these bookings happened only within the last one month of our travel. We were focussed on attending the training workshop and enjoy the vacation.

Rest were all happened just taking one action step at a time by asking “What is Next”. Literally what is the next action step which can ease our travel? 

We were not stopped by bad weather conditions, expenses, food, etc. All we wanted was to enjoy our vacation.

Do you want to enjoy your vacation, just take one action step at a time in below order, 

  1. List down the places you want to visit
  2. Look for opportunities which may come your way
  3. Take one action step which may take you to the vacation

This is just the first part of our journey, can also be called pre-production. I will share the journey which we had in Melbourne and Sydney in the next blog.

Sydney home

Melbourne Home

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