Vacation is the time we never want to compromise on money. Never indulge in office activity and enjoy being in the moment. Am going to start from where I had left in the last blog. Here am going to share the moments where we enjoyed exploring Melbourne. 

Also, this is the first time, am planning everything in the last moment and still enjoyed it. 

We just landed up at Avalon airport, which is a bit far from Melbourne. One good thing which happened was, i was able to find two friends in Melbourne. It was like a reunion after almost 9 years. Immediately after immigration, we went to have something. It was all burgers and muffins in the early morning. Then dialed up my friend to ask him the route to our place.

We used the local bus to reach the Melbourne city. You need to get the roaming activated so that you don’t need to buy a new sim card. This made the life easier for us.In my experience in Melbourne, you can enjoy the city on your own if you have done these 3 steps,

  1. Local transport 
  2. Places to visit
  3. Stay

Local Transport :

It was all about Trams, the local transport which takes you to places easily. You need to go through the routes and identify which you place you want to go. There are free trams zone and places where you need to pay. 

Simple option they have made is to tap off the special card whenever you log into Trams. If you are in free zone, your card will not be charged. Another option to travel is local Trains. Again you can use the same “Myki” card. You can hop on and hop off at any location using this card in trains also.

“Skybus” is one another option to travel long distance generally to airports. In all these transports you can use the same “myki” card. We took sybus to travel to the city as we landed in Avalon airpot which is almost 45 minutes drive.

Get a Melbourne map which will show the lanes and transportation which you can use to travel to next location. We got used to the trams routes by the second day. 

Places to Visit :

Melbourne is one of the oldest city as per our knowledge after visiting the local places. We had trainings for the first 3 days where it ended up in the late evening. 

We realised that the place where we stayed was little suburb as everything got closed by 7PM. We were left with just 2 days to travel to important places. Everyone advised to take a trip to “Great Ocean road”. It is one day trip to near by place along the ocean. Believe me you will not regret the decision of visiting this place. 

Stunning beauty of scenic beaches on one side while going. At the end there were 12 Apostles which was naturally formed and it became a tourist destination. On the return to Melbourne there was huge farms in acres of land for sheeps, cows etc. It was a huge valley.

We had grilled fish and chips which was the common food for most of them.

Next day we chose to visit a nearby beach and we took a trams. We got a doubt on reaching the place as the trams was going in another direction which we were not familiar with. Time was another reason as we had just 3 hours to finish the complete visit. Thanks to Uber, as we immediately got down from trams and took an uber. 

We completed the visit to St.Kilda beach well ahead on time.

Stay :

As stated in an earlier blog, we stayed in an Australian house as we booked through AirBnB website. Only problem or discomfort we realised was its a suburb, we just looked at amenities and is it close to our training location alone. 

In the last 2 days, we travelled a lot to see any place. Nevertheless an experience. My recommendation is to stay in a place which is in the centre of the city.

Walked a long to explore the city, tasted local food, had local craft beer etc in our limited time and we reached Melbourne AirPort to reach sydney our next stop.

Fish and chips

Great Ocean Road

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