Do you enjoy Navratri celebration ? Did you find the significance of stock market ?

Festival is the time we forget everything and celebrate along with family. This blog is all about identifying what does this Navratri teaches on stock market ?

Navratri or Dussehra or Dasahra is celebrated in different names across India. As India is diversified country the celebration differs slightly. one common theme can be found across these festivals, it is the victory of  goodness over evil. All these 9 days, God idols will be kept in a thematic way and it is called as Golu.

Below is the picture of Golu kept in my friends home. Every evening in these days there will be God worship will be performed and Sundal will be distributed to everyone. I have gone to Golu’s in my childhood to taste different varieties of sundal

Significance of Navratri ;

Celebration differs across India and everywhere it is colourful. One thing this festival reminds us every year is the victory of good over evil. It can also be said that there is nothing permanent. If you are having turbulent times in life, start introspecting for better planning and execution.

In Tamil nadu, last day is celebrated as Vijayadasami where kids will be put up in school. It is an auspicious day and hence many will start practising to learn. Some of the business men will go for expansion and some will start their new business on this day. More importantly in all their homes, the books will be kept before God Saraswati for her blessings. Knowledge is the only pathway which can bring in light into your life.

Ignorance – Navratri teaches us on Stock Market :

Stock market is seen as money making avenue and an evil by many. As only few makes money and many losses, it is seen as speculating game or gambling or even not good for people.

One aspect of Vijayadasami the day which is celebrated at the last day is victory of ignorance with knowledge. Hence books are kept for worship.

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In stock market it is all ignorance which pulls you down. Yes, with little or no knowledge if you believe other words and invest you will lose money. You need to be convinced before investing.

If you have invested and lost money, just analyse the reason for losing money. If you haven’t invested check among your friends who would have lost a significant amount due to his ignorance. It is really hard for people to accept the fact that they don’t know. Only when you accept it, you can be on the path of making money.

What you can do ?

Charlie Munger the close associate of Warren Buffet regrets of not investing in Google. For them it is not the money opportunity lost, it is the right stock which got missed. As Buffet is the richest person in the world by investing, he follows a template.

If any stock is not fitting in his template, he will never look into it. This templates help in controlling your emotions rather than buying on rational decisions.

Stock marketing is all about identifying value in a business and staying with it for a longer period. For that all you need is right knowledge and not ignorance. These festivities teaches us many things. This Navratri teaches us on stock market is all about victory over ignorance.

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