3 Major reasons which stop you from investing in stock market

Do you want to invest in the stock market?

Are you still thinking and afraid of?

The majority of people will never invest in stock market, just because they are afraid of the outcome. Only the top 5% of the people are creating wealth using stock market. Remaining 95% of the people lose money. The story of “I lost money” spread faster, though the mistake they did is not shared. Have you ever seen a wealth creator in stock market bragging about his fortune? 

Hence this common talks of the stock market is only for people with high-risk appetite and those have time has created a myth that the stock market is risky. Even if you understand a lot, it is not knowing, it is only doing which will bring in results.

3 Major reasons which will stop you from investing in stock market ;

Identified 3 major reasons which will stop you from investing in the stock market,

1. Fear of losing money

2. Fear of unknown

3. You don’t know how to start

Fear of losing money ;

The most predominant of all the reason is fear of losing money. This is nothing but a fear of failure. FEAR is False Emotion Appearing Real

Ignorance will always create failure. Knowledge is the light which will bring in prosperity. It stands true even in the case of the stock market. If Warren Buffet, Rakesh Jhunjunwala can do it, you can also do it.

They developed the habit of finding the right stock and staying invested. Rakesh started only with 5000 in the 1980’s. Considering inflation, in today’s term you can start with around 60,000. 

If you can develop the thought that the first few months are all for learning, then it is easy to take the initial losses as the learning fees. Even after so many theoretical learning, the stock market teaches you lots of learning. You always need to be a student of it.

Fear of the unknown ;

“Known devil is better than unknown angel”

This beautiful proverb suits the best. The stock market can create wealth which maybe like an angel but many don’t know the consequences after getting in. The brain always would like to keep you in your comfort zone. This investing is something unknown to you and hence it stops you from investing in it.

Ask the below questions if you want to really understand which is stopping you,

What am I afraid of in the stock market ?

What worst possible can happen in stock market?

Am I benefitting by putting this investment avenue on hold?

Once you answer these questions, it is easy to get started. Start small in investing. Make small profits, you can slowly learn and start investing in stock market.

You don’t know to start ;

You can start with anything, only when you have a strong “WHY” in it.  It can be making money, creating wealth, for your kids, for your life partner, for buying a car, etc. This will bring in the interest in you to start learning. 

My source of information when i wanted to start earning was Outlook Money, Economic times, MOneycontrol.com, etc. All the necessary pieces of information need to start was available in these resources. These are knowledge sources and for starting to invest you need a Demat account. Generally, if you have an account in private banks, they would have sold you a demat account by default. If you still don’t have, either you can open in any banks or with Zerodha which is one of the cheapest and best discount brokers.

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