How much wealth you can create ?

How much money you can invest ?

Most of you would have heard this second question being asked by many of your friends who are distributors in the financial services industry or in many Banks. The most easiest way to make you invest. The only problem i see is that, you will be happy that some amount is going on month on month or at least frequently. The other side of it is you may not think about how much wealth you need to create for sustainable lifestyle,

Your expenses increases with income. This is the truth in this age. By the time you realise this truth you would have spent most of your “TIME” and “Money”. I have mentioned “TIME” in double quotes along with money because, wealth is created only in long term.

Many would not have heard the first question, because once you hear these questions, you will get into complaint mode and believe it is not possible for you to create wealth or achieve your aspirations. Hence most of the relationship managers will never get into this question.

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Why Wealth ?

Wealth is nothing but accumulating assets. It includes both physical and financial asset. Only when you have enough money you will start enjoying life  and other available luxuries.

It need not be running into hundreds and thousands of crores of money or having multiple flats or villas across countries. You owning up wealth which you have not imagined in life is the first step. For a first time business person once he establishes his business that gives him bigger satisfaction and for him having own duplex home along with luxuries associated with it for his family itself a big wealth creation.

Further the most important point which i like is, this expand your thinking and believing. If you ask yourself how much you can invest, the most immediate reply will have a thinking of pending EMI’s, problems in running your business and the amount you are saving per month.

If you just get into visual journey of how much wealth you would like to create, you will expand automatically. Yes, you will stop worrying about present reality and think about future with you enjoying all the beauties of life as far as you know.

Steps to achieve your wealth & dreams ;

  1. Get into a silent place in your home
  2. Take a deep breath
  3. Stop thinking about present financial situation
  4. What you want in life in the next next 5, 10, 15 and in your retirement life
  5. Have a clear visual picture of your life
  6. Be in that life for a while
  7. Enjoy along with your family and friends
  8. Now open your eyes and write down what you had seen in your notepad

Start working towards this wealth creation plan, now you know how much you need to improve your business and at how much speed so that this happens immediately. Based on the current situation investment products can be chosen.

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