In your life if your goals are clear, then it is easy to achieve it. Recently got a forward saying it was a handwritten letter by Bruce lee in 1969, there he had clearly visualised his achievements in 1970. He wanted to be the most entertaining actor during those times and he had achieved that. He also wanted to possess some Ten million dollars i think and he achieved that too. So he was clear with his financial goals too and he achieved that. This is the power of having goals and visualising as though achieving it. 

I have attended many trainings to learn on goal setting, as education is an ongoing process in life. The moment you stop learning, you stop earning to the next level. It has been rightly pointed in one such session that, “The word LEARN as EARN” in it. So all these clearly states that having “Goal” in your work place or business is very much essential.

Even in your personal finance life, you should have financial goals. Suppose you are married, your highest priority may be to look after your family. For married couple the most common goals are,

  1. Kids education
  2. Kids marriage
  3. Retirement

For some retirement planning also comes at the last, but the first two things are most important. These is called financial goals. Once you have these goals on a sheet, then it is easy to work on them. If you just have thoughts of achieving, you will automatically be bogged down by negative thoughts.

Power of Financial Goals ;

Let me list down all financial goals said by my friend when we were working on setting things for him,

  1. Vacation once in a year for 10+ lakhs
  2. Two crores for Business need in next two years
  3. Retirement corpus required is 6 crores after 20 years
  4. Every year child education
  5. Kids higher education
  6. Kids marriage cost
  7. Car in next 4 years
  8. Home loan management
  9. Car loan management
  10. Financial Freedom

Now he got the vigor to work even harder in his business to create more revenue streams to satisfy all these needs. Till that time he was just running after his business and he didn’t think about investing properly. He took an insurance policy as an investment. After doing this goal-setting process with him, now he is completely relieved. He can clearly see the amount required for his life. 

“Finding your financial goals is like Finding your WHY in your life”

Identify your goals and then start with small amounts of investment. Believe that in the next few years you are achieving everything. Money will find a way to reach you if you are seriously working on all these goals. Sometimes once you have these goals you can find out, where is your money leaking in your life. Yes, you might not be saving enough or too much EMI’s or too much focus on lifestyle, etc. It is easy to identify your Money leaks

Identify Financial Goals —-> Identify Money Leaks —-> Then it will result in Achieving everything financially

What are your financial goals which can bring financial freedom to your life?

Take a pen and paper and write down everything you want to achieve in your life.

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