How financial planning can bring success in life ?

In this era of fast pace technology everything is available over internet. Even you are reading this in laptop or mobile. In particular even you can choose portals and do your investing easily.

A distributor can help in facilitating your investment and insurance needs. A financial advisor can help in setting your goals and at times he/she can help in discovering your goals. Products is just a vehicle to achieve it. This facility is difficult to replicate in online platform.

Why do you need goals with defined results ?

I was listening to podcast of Mindvalley. Vishen Lakhani is the founder. He talks on various topics form spirituality to goal setting to meditation etc. In one of the topic he was sharing how to set vision for your life which will blow your life and how to achieve it. This goal setting process has helped Intel, google and Apple. The name of this process is called as “Objective Key Results”. It is specific to the results.

For example, when youtube was integrated with google, they had set an OKR ( Objective key result) of doing 1 billion online streaming at a time across the world. They doesn’t know the process, they didn’t think about the technology at that time. All this process was set almost 10 years back. They were not even reaching million views.

Do you know when they achieved this 1 billion streams ?

Not in first or second year. They achieved in their seventh year.  Each and every member in these companies have their own OKR. They have intranet app in which everyone had set their own OKR. Google which  just started as an online search engine now created Alphabet as their parent company. They had created many projects and failed in it. By this way almost 40% of the projects will fail, but the remaining success in other projects will change the way people perceive a thing.

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Why you need goals for your life ?

If you replicate such OKR to your life will it help in achieving your financial goals and your dreams. I have seen many who thinks financial planning or goal setting is for people who has lots of money. The sad truth is all these people earns lot of money and they don’t know to save it in a right way. Financial planning has goal-setting process which will help in solving this problem.

Financial planning starts with goal setting. Once you know the goals in your life then the amount required will vary for each goals. You need to make sure you allocate money for these goals, this is the place a financial advisor can help you in doing things as said by you.

Steps in setting your goals :
  1. List down all your goals
  2. Identify the amount required for each of these goals
  3. Identify the savings you are doing at present
  4. Match the points 3 and 4, identify the gap
  5. Start even if it is small
  6. Keep adding amount every 6 months so that you are reaching your goal

Repeat from step 1 till you achieve 25% of your income as savings in your life.

Remember this is the first step and you need to follow it up with investments. Stock market is one of the investment product which can help you in achieving your goals.

Do you want to achieve success in your life same as google ?

Watch this video on YouTube.

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